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I can provide UX research and design for any project,
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Provide a strategy and technical solution to best suit your users.

User Experience.

Monitor your audience and provide a flawless user experience.


Develop your application from rigorous research and technical specifications to best suit what you need.


Now your application is commercially ready, maintaining it is key for its success.

Successful Websites

Successful websites rely
on steady investment

Your website is the forefront of your company, as a customer, whether it is to check prices, directions, reviews or even your portfolio, several will use the internet to find this information out quickly in the comfort of their own home. My job is to make that experience pleasant and for your website to thrive in doing so.

I pride myself on user experiences and well maintainable web applications, with me you can gaurantee quality and professionalism.

Dom King

Dom King

Application Developer
User Experience

Understanding your customers journey

UX is underlooked frequently when creating an application so it is important to understand the user and their journey, in order to create an excellent user experience.

Research your customers.

It is pivotal you understand your customers in order to provide them the best experience.

Design prototypes.

Interactive prototypes can be designed and developed to get a feel for the final product.

Integrate with social platforms.

Integrate with social networks to gain feedback and real time customer experiences.

User Experience

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